Notice anything different around here?

I loved the look of MOK’s “before” but over the last few years, this blog has surpassed my imagination and with the growth of this amazing community of friends who read my posts, I began to realize that the style wasn’t reflecting “ME” and my tastes!

My hilariously funny and ridiculously talented friend Alle from Finding Eden, worked with me to reflect my personality and writing style visually here on the blog! We even have a few more pages and exciting features coming later this week that I can't wait to share with you!

And these happy bright colors are right up my alley—bold, cheery, unique, and fun!

But I’m dying to know what YOU think! Be sure and let me know in the comments!

AND HERE’S THE OTHER EXCITING NEWS! (I actually have a third surprise but I thought it may be too much for one day! I’ll share that news in another post down the road—so watch for it!)

The Lord planted a God-sized dream in my heart to write a book, years ago. I had no idea that after several book proposals, working with publishers, and many ups and downs, that my first book would be on the topic of anger, but it’s the issue that I face the most with parents—and it’s an issue that I have journeyed through myself.

I KNEW that this was the book I needed to write with my tender and wise co-author Wendy Speake!

We wrote this book—this collection of 31 anger triggers and how to respond to them biblically—because we know that there is a godly way to handle the situations that light us up and set us off. Wendy and I are passionate about encouraging parents who want to live in freedom, not shackled to anger. In each of the 31 days of triggers, we talk about everything, from managing the exhaustion we feel as mothers; to toddler meltdowns and back-talking preteens; to handling the pressures of multi-tasking and caring for kids with special needs.

The chapters are short enough for busy parents to read one a day for an entire month—a devotional that, if applied and prayed over, will radically transform your thinking and begin to bring about lasting change. This book began as a series in our online support group of nearly 12,000 moms and we quickly saw the overwhelmingly positive response of walking through common anger triggers, practically and biblically.

Read a chapter a day, prayerfully. Expectantly.  

You can count on God’s promise that He “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20). Dream big. Let yourself imagine a home where your words set a tone of loving-kindness. A home where your first reaction is compassion instead of annoyance. Where you replace the fiery cycle of anger and guilt with conviction and spiritual growth. A place where you draw the hearts of your children towards grace and where every one of you thrives.

Grab your own copy today! And during this week only we have some incredible launch packages for those who order the book right away — including some beautiful free coloring pages you can frame and display as artwork around your home! So cool! Click over to The MOB Society and scroll down to the end of my announcement article there for all the details!


Would you SHARE this book with all your friends and Bible study groups too? I’d be so deeply grateful to you! Just grab that image over there or any of the ones you see on social media under the #triggersbook hashtag and link it to this page: bit.ly/triggersbook — Thanks, friend!

YOUR TURN! So what do you think of the new look on my blog? And I’d love to know what your most common trigger toward anger or frustration is as a parent! (I’m betting you can find it addressed in the contents of Triggers!)