Teaching Etiquette-How To Throw A Tea Party With Your Sons!


One of the best ways to teach our sons to be gentlemen and to train them to be servant-leaders as Godly men is to give them opportunities to practice. As a girly-girl mom with three sons, our house is more of a “testoster-home”! But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good tea party! Here are some tips to help you throw a special event that will bless others and shape your boys into courteous young men:

  1. Set the stage by teaching your sons 3-5 manners that you want them to learn. They could include opening the door for a lady, introducing themselves politely, pulling out a chair from the table for a female guest, and asking her if she would like more tea/cream/jam etc. Practice in an informal way at home!
  2. Make some simple invitations and involve your boys in the process of decorating them in a special way. We think it’s especially wonderful to invite 3-5 elderly ladies or widows from our local church!
  3. Once the day arrives, show the boys how to drape the table with a pretty cloth and center it correctly. If you have a garden, assist them in picking out some beautiful flowers for a centerpiece.  Let them help you place the silverware on the table and allow them to handle the precious china carefully. Explain to them that ladies are like that china cup-to be handled with special care because they are unique and special!
  4. When the guests arrive, kindly encourage your sons to follow through on the manners you have taught them and guide them through it-be encouraging and kind-they don’t need to aim for perfection, just have fun!
  5. Enjoy the tea party! And your well-mannered, sophisticated sons!

What other methods or activities do you use to influence your children to be courteous?


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