Joy In The Unexpected-A New TV Show!

I used to think that I had to understand why the events in my life, whether good or bad, were happening to me. When hard times came my way, I thought that if I could just wrap my head around it, that it would somehow ease the pain. Over time, though, it has been a rich blessing for me to learn that my faith is strong when I can simply lean into the truth that God is overseeing every detail of my life, and that He has a much better plan for me than I could ever imagine. It’s a plan that makes less of me, more of Him, and the result is a peaceful and contented life. I don’t have to worry, be anxious, or run myself mad trying to figure it all out-instead, I am meant to trust that God is God and that is enough.

This was never more critical to understand for me than exactly one year ago. My husband Guy and I had moved our entire family 3 hours north to the small town of San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California for a new marketing job. We were thrilled to be living in such a beautiful location! As the first year began to come full circle, I wasn’t feeling the sense of security and roots I thought I would feel. I sensed that God was still on the move with our family, but I didn’t know why.

One afternoon, Guy and I headed downtown for a mini-date at a local coffee shop and sat outside with our drinks talking about what God might be up to for our family. The job we had moved to San Luis Obispo for was a blessing but again, we didn’t feel like it was our permanent goal. I asked my husband, whose background was in television, what his heart truly yearned to do, but I knew the answer. We began praying for new direction. 3 months later, my husband lost his job in marketing.

 I was home with our older boys and our new 2 month old baby when Guy came home unusually early to tell me the news. I was in shock, but as the reality set in, I realized that this was God pushing us towards something greater, something better, the very thing we had just discussed and were praying about. This was the opportunity for Guy to pursue his vision for serving God and doing something that matters for good. We had nothing to lose. Over the next year, we stepped out in great faith, giving up our comforts, and making bold decisions to pursue a dream that we believe God placed in our hearts. And the Lord, in His beautiful way, orchestrated a plan that was so far better than we could have put in place ourselves! Back in Los Angeles, we have begun our family-friendly, and faith-based television production company-Storehouse Media Group, with the goal of being a light in Hollywood, and providing content that encourages those who watch and honors God. The faith community is underserved and we need quality content that will make a positive difference in our world!  It’s a tough industry and we need your support and prayers! Will you help us?

Here is the link to a project we are thrilled to produce Life By Design, It's a  show about the Leonard family of Lisa Leonard Designs. Please watch it, and SHARE IT! The support we can garner from you in our community is what we need to promote this work! We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a vessel that God may use to bless others. Thank you for joining us in creating entertainment we want to watch!

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