Shooting Star

Shooting Star, A Bedtime Tale For Kids


A little star was burning so bright

Doing his job to light up the night

He did his best to scatter the dark

To make his location a little less stark.


He felt happy and warm in his spot in the sky

Until he heard the others snicker nearby.

They whispered and grinned with winks in their eyes

He caught what they said, his friends spreading lies.


“He can barely ignite with his small smoldering light

Compared to us, he is quite a sore sight.”

And though once he believed that he was a wonder

He now thought that maybe, he was only a blunder.


And so he looked down, towards the earth, with a tear

And thought maybe it best to give up and steer clear

Of the stars in the night he grew up around

And he considered a journey away, towards the ground.


“There must be no purpose for me in this place,

I must be no good” so he readied in haste.

A glorious arc, he fell through the night

And when he descended he saw quite a sight.


For far beneath him stood a telescope

And two children beamed, eyes filled with hope

When they saw him shooting across the sky

He caught the spark and the wish in their eye.


His purpose he discovered was being fulfilled

For the star gazers who saw him were obviously thrilled

His beauty and brilliance were easy to spot,

He never again doubted-he was worth quite a lot!


For Oliver, Quinn, and super stars! May you never question your value or purpose!

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