Are You Good Enough?

DSC_0058 I’ve been hearing it a lot lately. This idea that we are too busy, too ill-equipped, too...fill-in-the-blank, to accomplish what God puts on our hearts to do. There’s this tape recording in our heads that says “I want to do-this-BUT….”. And all the while I hear this “hisssss” behind their words. It’s the brick wall of doubt and it comes from the enemy. He’s been using this ploy since the Garden when he placed the lie before Eve. This lack of confidence in what God says should not be in the mind of a believer- for our strength comes from the Almighty. Have we forgotten that God speaks in a whisper to our hearts? He nudges us gently to go forth in HIS power to do the “thing” that He lays on our hearts for His glory. It's not about whether or not we are good enough. It's about whether or not we believe that God is able.

The “thing” may be a schedule for cleaning our house, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the task.

The “thing” may be asking our local church if we can lead a Bible study.

The “thing” may be sitting down with pen and paper to write that book.

The "thing" may be believing that you can patiently speak truth with love to your children. Every. Day.

The “thing” may be finalizing paper work to become a foster family.

Friend, you don't need to be anxious when God leads. Nor do you have to be anything in particular to do it. God already has all that covered. He is the same God today that with a word spoke all of creation into existence. He is the same God that purposed your life and the good works you would accomplish before the foundation of the world. Do we really think that He is not then also able to help us get more organized, equip us to bless others, imbed in our hearts creative ideas, or open our arms to the needy? Dear one, lift up your head and set aside your reservations. Walk on in the truth of God’s ability to work in your life and through your talents. Don’t waste a moment feeling immobilized by your fears, instead, commit your desires to the Lord, and when He gives you an idea of how to fulfill them, get to it.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory. Psalm 115:1

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