Will Faith Be Found in Entertainment for 2013?

final_files_MAIN We aren’t just building a company. We are building a company that has a very powerful and determined enemy who opposes our mission. Entertainment has long been a largely moral-free industry and that is exactly how Satan likes it. As if starting a new business in a weak economy wasn’t hard enough, we are doing it with the knowledge that the secular people we must work with require convincing of a market they are largely unfamiliar with. It is a faith market that is vast, underserved, and desperate for television and film that both the eyes and the heart can rest upon without compromising their beliefs. And in recent years with low-budget films, and some past TV programming with faith influences, the faith audience has shown up in mass numbers of support creating staggering profits.

And yet, the message and marketability of this audience continues to be placed on the back burner while sensational and offensive content continues to take the dominant lead in programming. We get it. It sells. But so does entertainment that is rich in faith.

The irony is that the networks are interested in “hits”. Hits make money. That’s often the most significant goal. Storehouse Media Group isn’t interested in simply raking in the dough for the purpose of accumulating money, although we know that our market will also do that for the networks and film studios if given the chance. Our passion lies in creating inspired, encouraging, uplifting, intriguing, dramatic, penetrating, and powerful entertainment that will also often give a glimpse, or a good long stare, into the lives of people of faith and commitment to God, encouragement for a lost society looking to find truth, and shows and films that both offer conviction and spiritual purpose.

Aren’t you ready for a little of that, friends?

Today, most of what is showcased as “faith” in TV particularly is often related to Catholicism  which is reduced to a mystical exorcism-rich religion and shots of crucifixes, or some bungled misunderstanding of what Fundamental Christianity really is. And it makes our stomachs churn. Because there are so few Christian or faith-based and family-friendly producers trying to break through this seemingly impenetrable wall, very little is changing. But Storehouse Media Group, (SMG) is fighting to do just that. We see God opening doors as we pursue creative opportunities that God sets on our hearts. Shows like “Life By Design” with the Leonard family, the beginnings of an amazing documentary in the San Francisco Tenderloin District with City Impact and our former pastor Francis Chan, an inspiring daily Talk Show featuring several well-known believers already influencing the world of television, a fun and family-friendly travel show, several scripted feature film projects with talented and accomplished Christian writers, and more.

Friends, we need your prayers.

There are some significant meetings and projects underway for the next few months as we enter 2013. We have given up all our earthly possessions and endured some intensely difficult struggles to follow God’s leading. How often do families give it all up to follow a God-Sized Dream? The hand of God has been present as the doors continue to swing wide open with opportunities and as we sit for hours with network development executives, and talented believers. We know this can be a success and that we can proclaim on the largest platform in the world, that God is not absent in entertainment. We just need to be given a chance…and money to do it.

Will you pray for us as we continue in 2013? We have you in mind. Storehouse is committed to producing “entertainment we want to watch” as believers. We are committed to showcasing the talents and gifts of believers as they participate with us in our projects, and we are committed to being a light to those we work closely with in the entertainment industry and our future audiences. And we know that “God’s Storehouse” is vast and overflowing, ready to be poured down upon the entertainment industry and to restore. We feel so encouraged when we look all through Scripture and see God turning the hearts, minds, and attitudes of the powerful leaders who did not know Him personally in favor towards His people. Ezra 6:22 is a great example:

22 For seven days they celebrated with joy the Festival of Unleavened Bread, because the LORD had filled them with joy by changing the attitude of the king of Assyria so that he assisted them in the work on the house of God, the God of Israel.

God can alter even the attitudes of those in control of what shows and films are aired for the world to see, even when they do not understand or even agree with our beliefs. We long for your prayer partnership. The success of Storehouse Media Group is the success of a God-story. An opportunity to showcase His handiwork! May we, the producers of SMG not grow weary in doing good, and may the God of all the universe come to our aid, for His glory!


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