Dear Future Daughter-In-Law,

Dear Daughter-In-Law

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law

You are a WOW for my MOG. That's right, a Woman Of Worth that compliments my Man Of God. As your mother-in-law (please call me Mom!), I want you to know that I have prayed for both my son and for you before either of you were ever born. And I haven't stopped.

My son is one of my greatest gifts that God gave to me. Now, I'm preparing him as a gift for you. I'm going about that by meditating on 1 Corinthians 13 as I parent him. That means I'm abiding in Christ so that whatever comes out of my mouth is from a heart filled with Fruit of the Spirit. It's my ambition to model Christ through kindness, patience, forgiveness, grace, and love. I mess up a lot, but I'm trying to model for my sons what it looks like to treat others as we want to be treated, and I have you as his future wife, in mind!

I'm passionate about growing in my walk with the Lord and my prayer is that my son will develop the same heartfelt desires to grow in Godliness. From the time he could speak, we have been helping him memorize verses from the Bible. Building my son up to be a strong, brave, and courageous servant-leader is my daily joy and I hope you will treasure these qualities in him. He is going to need your unconditional love and support as he seeks to provide for you and serve you as unto the Lord. He is growing up to be the chivalrous knight that he was meant to be. I'm praying that you will treasure the masculinity that his father and I are fostering in him and that your own distinct femininity will balance your home life and perfectly designed pattern for marriage.

Will you continue to build him up? He will need your praise when the world is against him.

Will you trust him to make good decisions with your wise input as his helper? He will need your opinions.

Will you love him when he is unlovable? He will need that from you at times and it will turn his heart towards you, making him lovable again.

Will you raise your children in the ways of the Lord? He will need you to nurture them, understanding that women can “have it all” in chapters or stages of their lives, but perhaps not all at one time (the best thing I ever did was staying home to raise him).

Will you allow him to be the main breadwinner? He will need to feel the divinely appointed task of providing for you as a man, despite what our culture may say-I worked from home at times when he was young, but nothing took precedence over our family life.

Will you bring the softness and fun of being a creative and imaginative woman into the lives of your family? He will need reminding that life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished outside of all the tasks on his plate!

But in the end, will you listen to the Holy Spirit to guide you? There will be lots of people (yes, even us!) who will offer insight, but at the end of the day, remember that the two of you are ONE and that the Holy Spirit will always lead you in the right decisions and direction because God cares deeply about all the details of your lives!

Dearest Daughter, I'm so thankful for you! I promise to let him leave, and cleave! I've been preparing him for his own nest all along. His father and I want to always be a support to you both, and don't think for a minute that if you have children that we won't be the best grandparents in the world! But we know that our role changes when you say your vows to one another. We will love you and help you-sometimes that will mean stepping aside when we want to jump in. No matter what, we promise to love you both and to encourage you together as a family all your own and to seek to foster appropriate, thriving, and supportive relationships with you as a couple and as individuals. 

Until you meet my son, please remember that he is waiting for you. Treat yourself with the respect that you deserve as a Woman Of Worth. Don't unwrap the beauty of who you are for anyone else. This Man Of God has ben taught to do the same for you. Protect your heart, your mind, your body, for it will be worth it. Look forward to the amazing Man Of God that awaits you! There are so many good and wonderful blessings ahead for you. I already know that you are one of the best blessings for me too. I love you, my daughter-in-law. If I didn't, I could never pass on to you my most precious son. Remember, I'm praying for you, loving you though I have not yet laid eyes on you. God will guide you to my son at the right time. Wait patiently and expectantly!

Much Love,

Your Future Mother-In-Law

P.S. If you would allow me to attend an outing as you shop for wedding dresses, I promise to buy your veil and keep my mouth shut! ;)

YOUR TURN! What qualities do you want to see in your future son or daughter-in-law? How did today's post impact you personally? I love to hear from YOU!


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