The Friendship Prayer, A Model

Amber and Jen


Do you ever tell your friends that you will pray for them, but sometimes feel at a loss for how or what to pray? Me too. :) As women, we need each other! And the honor of praying for one another is something we should take advantage of on a daily basis. I have written a prayer that I often pray for the friends in my life as a simple tool for you!  It is not meant to be a rote and meaningless prayer, but rather as a help to you to get you started on the path of supporting your friends in prayer. I know I need friends praying this for ME too!!! May it bless you....and your friends! Insert their name in the blanks below, and let's just see what God will do!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being our Friend in the truest and best sense of the word. Our perfect example of friendship who laid down Your life for us when we were yet Your enemies. I want to lift up to You in prayer, my friend _______________.

Lord, help _______________to sense your Holy Spirit in her life! Allow her to have time to sit down, take out her Bible, and talk with you today.

Father, would you please give my friend, _______________ an open heart to receive your truth in her life and in the exact circumstances that she is facing today. And Lord, please inspire her as she meets with you. Speak to her heart and fill her up with an overflowing of Your deep love for her! Remind her of her value and precious price in YOU! Reveal to her today that whatever she does whether sitting or standing is to be unto You for Your glory! May she LONG for YOU Lord!

Dear Jesus, let _______________ hear You telling her how much she is loved! So deeply loved today!

Lord, would you provide for my friend, ________________in practical ways? Father, please meet her needs and may her desires be YOUR desires.

Heavenly Father, make _______________ more patient, kind, forgiving, and loving. Help her to speak only what will edify, build up, and breathe life into her children, husband, relatives, and other significant people in her life. May she be known as a woman of wisdom and discretion, a pillar in her home.

Father, I plead with you to help my friend _______________ to honor her husband. Help her to show love even when her husband may not be receptive or “deserve” it. Allow her to keep no record of wrongs in their relationship. Allow them to be bonded together and to experience the fullness of what You designed marriage to be in every area of their lives and home life! May their marriage be a testimony to others who see them and know them! Strengthen their marriage, Lord! May they remember and keep their vows to you for all time until You return. Protect them and allow love to reign within the walls of their home!

Dear Lord, make her aware of her sin, and convict her to the point of repentance. Help her to turn from her sin and run in the opposite direction! Keep _______________ from evil that she may not be tempted, but when she is help her to take the way of escape that You provide for her! Cleanse her and make her renewed through the blood of the cross.

Dearest Lord Jesus, use my friend _______________ to influence others for Christ. Grow her ministry whether it be as a stay-at-home mom, writer, teacher, executive, business owner, designer, receptionist, lawyer, or missionary. May her light shine brightly and scatter the shadows of whatever dark corner she is in today.

And Lord, would you help me? How can I be a better friend for _______________? Show me how I can be an encourager to her. Open my eyes to ways that I can serve her, build her up, be a light to her, and pray for her. Make me a true friend who believes the best about her, seeks her good over my own, and speaks lovingly to her! May she feel that I am always for her, a sister in Christ in every way.

In Jesus Precious Name, Amen!

YOUR TURN! How can I pray for you, friend? What has been an encouragement for you when it comes to your friendships with the women in your life? I love to hear your comments! 

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory. Psalm 115:1

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