Mend Me

Mend Me

If I had been in the crowd, I would have worked my way to the front.

I would have stood in line in the dusty heat for days if need be, to get nearer.

In front of me would have been a father, holding his young son with withered legs that had never been able to hold up his weight, and behind me would have been a woman whose back was bent with both age and a lifelong distortion of her spine. I may not have been an obvious one there for the healing, but I would need that healing just the same. And when it would be my turn, I would feel my heart pounding, full of hope.

The Healer wouldn't be sitting above the crowd with an air of superiority, though most Supreme. He wouldn't allow His very real physical fatigue to reach His eyes. When it would be my turn, He would meet me at eye level, He would take my hand in His, gaze into my face with compassion, and He would mend me. All the hurts within my heart would be restored and made new again.

Do you ever wonder why Jesus chose to be made weary?

He is God. He could say the word and all He laid eyes on would be made clean. Instead, He took each one personally. He touched them. He spoke to them. He cared. It wasn't about the healing, it was about the holy personal experience of encountering God. That's still true today.

Jesus was accessible to the crowds. Everywhere He went, on lonely mountain, in crowded street, inside stuffy rooms, the sick and well, the rich the poor, the religious and the rejects, the masses found Him. Even the little children, He beckoned to Himself. As a mother, I know that even when my children suffer, I can still take them to Jesus.

Is He beckoning you? Do you need healing? Allow the need to direct your steps to Jesus. Talk with Him, be still with Him, and find peace in Him.

He really does heal.

He really does transform.

He really does restore the brokenhearted.

YOUR TURN! Do you need prayer for healing either physically or spiritually? Please, share your request. Have you experienced healing in your life?

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