Mama, A Poem

Mama, A Poem  

It's not because I'm "perfect mom"

or never lose my temper.

It's not my awesome crafting skills

or how I can knit a sweater.


It's never been about my knack

for being carpool mom.

Or even all about the way

I help set up for prom.


It will never be about my food

prepared for them from scratch.

Or trips we take in summertime

with memories by the batch.


What makes me Mom is not

about the stuff I do or plan.

It's all about the way I love

my wild happy clan.


They won't remember all the days

I stayed up late to clean.

Or how I prepped their bags at night

till I ran out of steam.


They won't recall the driving from

there to here to there.

Nor will they think about

the clothes I washed with gentle care.


For them it's not about how

Mama measures up.

They call me Mom because

they know my love is a full cup.


So if today you think that you

are simply not enough,

I'm here to come before you and

call your woeful bluff.


Look deep inside your heart and see

it isn't true one bit.

You are a loving Mama

and for them a perfect fit!


YOUR TURN! What makes a "good" mom in your opinion? What's the best part of being a mother? I love to hear from you!!


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