I'm Not Wasting My Talents

I'm Not Wasting My Talents

I pull back the tabs, one on each side, while he squirms and kicks his legs. I wipe, clean, and put another one on and he climbs down squealing, ready to go. 6 years of it-many times a day.

And this month marks 5 full years of nursing with no bottles, only me.

I refill the Band-Aids, choosing ones with Angry Birds or Star Wars. I wipe the glaring redness gently and squeeze the healing ointment, with soothing words, almost daily.

The hard plastic edge of the basket digs into my now softer sides and I carry it back and forth from laundry room to bedrooms to laundry room to bedrooms.

And the mundane is a disguise for the sacred. Because serving my husband and my children is a holy act. They may say it's a waste of my talents but I know it's the supreme manifestation of all that I am or ever will be.

I reap what I sow, and so I sprinkle seeds along my path and my little chicks gobble them up instinctively. My words are gentle and they become gentle. I greet them with a morning smile and they can’t help but grin. I lose what I am looking for and they know it’s time to stop and pray, and ask God who sees, “Where is it?” And when I lose my temper then soften to ask forgiveness, they grace me.

Here I am shaping the world from my corner, wiping, and feeding, and soothing, and guiding. The sacredness of it fills my heart, and I thank God for the work of being a mother. There are many of us, rising early to bless our families-a community of Missionary Moms. None of what goes on behind closed doors, forgotten. God knows the sacredness of our calling and grants us joy.

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Proverbs 31:28

YOUR TURN! What do you find most sacred about your calling as a parent? How do you find joy in the seemingly mundane tasks of parenting and serving your family? I love to hear from you!!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory. Psalm 115:1

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