Preschool Graduate-Time Stands Still

Preschool Graduate

His dark golden hair is thick with waves and it's hard to imagine him as the bald baby he was when we first met him face to face in an operating room where I heard him cry from behind a blue wall of surgical sheeting before they whisked him away to clean him. I turned my head to the right and saw him vaguely through the hard clear glass of an incubator, glad my husband could be right next to him taking pictures for me. Not soon enough he was wrapped beside me and my face got to nuzzle and kiss him though my arms were strapped down to a table preventing me from holding him just yet. And I felt that a lifetime had happened in the span of a moment.

Today, he graduates from preschool and next week he turns 6 and it's already been a lifetime. It's been a lifetime of holding, and rocking, and giggling, and eyes lighting up, and life overflowing. The best may be yet to come but the memories we make right now are so lovely that I can't imagine anything more sweet than the little hand in mine today.

I can't look into tomorrow or next year or ten from now when the beauty of him at 5 is so totally fulfilling. His heart-shaped face and vast depths of shiny blue with lashes so thick it's hard to ignore the murmurs of passersby who stop in their tracks to notice. They so beautifully reflect the inner glow of our light-hearted boy. A giver who loves to recite Bible verses, is eager to please his teachers, and bunny-hops with glee on his bike. He leads already, the masses of little legs rushing to his side at the playground for instructions about whatever imaginary superhero game he decides they might enjoy together. Today I see a beloved miracle of all things right and good in my world and it's the shape and size of Oliver.

I imagine him as he walks across a preschool stage and time stands still. There will be tears when he puts on his cap and gown but no regrets or thoughts about time passing too quickly. No scanning ahead to the end of a lifetime. No sighing about where the time went.  Only joy that I have already had a wonderous bounty of yesterdays, the gift of today, and the blessing of it all again tomorrow.

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Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory. Psalm 115:1

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