Costco Trips & Chill Pills

Costco Trips & Chill Pills

I pile my kids into the Costco cart after explaining to them that we will be moving quickly. My goal is to get in and out before anyone melts down. I know that my timeline is tight to stay focused, get what I need, secure three little ones back into car seats, load groceries both into my trunk then out again, and finally sorted and put away in the pantry and fridge before the food melts or spoils. It’s all business.

It’s the same story when we are at the zoo, or a museum, or a dozen other fun places we regularly go. Keep moving, let’s get to the next exhibit, and we have to get to the other side so we can catch that feeding of the sea lions. And I rush them here and I rush them there.

My intentions are good, but not always in the best interest of my children.

My second son loves to linger. He savors. He observes. He learns. He marvels.

I’m learning to cherish that about him. I could easily become impatient with him, but instead, he is teaching me to slow down-something I desperately need. He is showing me what it looks like to enjoy my surroundings and to appreciate the details. For Quinn, I need to take a chill pill. If only they sold those at Costco.

He and I recently spent time together on two Mommy-Quinn dates. One day we went to the zoo, and another we went to Chuck E. Cheese. He watched the Pelicans as long as he wanted to. One moment he dashed, the next he took his sweet time fascinated by a snake’s windy path. In the arcade, instead of playing each game for a little bit we stood in front of one machine and dropped the coin in over and over and over again. I shifted my weight from foot to foot and cheered him on. He was delighted. And so was I.

Jesus leads me gently. He says in Isaiah 40:11, “He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers his lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

Sweet serenity. Gentle leading. I want to be that kind of Mama.

I think that’s why God in His sovereignty gave me a boy who relishes what is around him.  It’s not just about stopping to smell the roses. It’s about being mindful of the unique needs of my sons and being aware of why God gave me these specific precious children. Those Costco trips still need to be pretty organized for all our sakes, but learning to let go of my tendency to keep moving at all costs is no longer my top priority.

Having a more gentle-hearted leadership and finding the wonder of the world around us is part of the process. And Quinn is my compass for discovering joy, pointing me in the right direction. Yep, God knew I needed my boy, and He too is gently leading me on a better and more enjoyable path.

YOUR TURN!! Do you have someone in your family who slows you down in a good way? How have your children helped you become more Christ-like? If this post blessed you, please SHARE it with others! I love to hear from you!!


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