Where is God When You Feel Abandoned?

When You Feel Abandoned


It wasn’t just the seven mile walk that wearied them. They were used to the dusty path, sun beating down as their robes gathered the grime of a journey. As they walked away from Jerusalem they allowed their hearts to feel the full weight of the events over the last three days to sink in. And they were devastated.

They had such high hopes that this prophet would rescue them from political bondage and now He had been arrested and crucified. And worse, His body was taken from the tomb! Their hopes were frustrated and their dreams dashed. It had looked so promising, so certain, but it ended in the worst way possible.

When the stranger approached them along the road he didn’t spend time on introductions. He simply asked, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” The two men stood there, downcast and incredulous that someone in the area would miss all the drama of the past few days. So they obliged him.

It wasn’t until the end of their journey, a thorough history lesson from their new companion, and a prayer for the meal they were about to share that the men suddenly recognized who they were talking with. Jesus opened their eyes to see Himself, and then vanished.

When I consider the events of Luke 24:13-53, it amazes me that they could miss Jesus standing in their very presence. But I think we are no different.

How many times have I allowed my burdens to cloud my vision of God who is right beside me? How instinctual is it for me to believe that when my plans are derailed and my bubbles burst, that God has abandoned me?

Spurgeon writes “Do not dream, when you are sad, that your Lord has deserted you; rather reckon that for this very reason He will come to you. As her baby’s cry quickens the mother’s footsteps to come to him more speedily, so shall your griefs hasten the visits of your Lord. He hears your groanings; He sees your tears. He will come to you as the God of all consolation.”

He is near and longs to comfort us in all our tribulations. The dusty road before you may seem like you are going in the wrong direction and that you travel alone. But that is not the case. You have beside you One who determines your steps and deserves your trust.

YOUR TURN!! Are you going through a lonely time right now?What gives you the assurance that God is with you, no matter what? 


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