My Readers Made These My Top 10 Posts From 2013!! Did You Miss One?

My Readers Made These My Top 10 Posts For 2013!! Did You Miss One

Hey Readers! You are the berries in my parfait, the sparkle in my lip gloss, the maple frosting on my cinnamon buns, the  .....okay. Maybe I need to work on my analogies.

But you get the point. You all make my life sweeter, more enjoyable-more wonderful!

God has been so good to me as my blog has grown this year and reached 176 countries around the world! There is nothing I love more than being used by Him, and each of you has blessed me greatly by reading Mother Of Knights!

Every blogger talks about how much they love and appreciate their community of readers. I'm no different!! You guys encourage me, inspire me, and gift me with your love and support. It's such an honor and a pleasure to get to know many of you on the Mother Of Knights Facebook Page, and I count you one my biggest blessings in my life!

Thank you for coming to my blog, reading, sharing, and commenting. You bring me joy! Here are your favorite 10 posts from 2013-I had no idea that some of them would be so controversial or go viral, but I trust that God used them for His glory!

My Top 10 Blog Posts For 2013:


The Moment I Knew My Son Was Okay In Public School


Bible Passages For Your C-Section


Potty Training Worked For Me-A Dry Approach


Dear Future Daughter-In-Law


5 Steps We Teach Our Kids To Apologize Biblically


“Don't Throw Sand!” And Other Wrong Messages


A Prayer For Labor and Delivery


I Married Mr. Wrong, But It's Alright


We Ditched The Time Out Chair For A Mercy Seat!

And the NUMBER 1 post for 2013:

12 Bible Passages For Labor and Delivery!

YOUR TURN! Was your favorite Mother Of Knights post on this list?

If this post blessed you, please SHARE it with others! I love to hear your comments!!

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