Moms We Can Redefine GQ's Definition Of Manhood, A MOB Society Post!

GQ Defines Manhood

There is no doubt that they are all boy. The constant talk about passing gas, their enormous appetites, and the reckless abandon with which they approach the outdoors are more than enough proof.

But soon they will be men. And being a man Biblically is another thing entirely.

My husband and I work in the entertainment business as producers. Not a meeting goes by where we are not confronted with ideals that are contrary to ours as Christians. The central battle is always about what makes a good story-what do audiences want?

We sit in meetings on terraces with lattes and a well-coifed representative of Hollywood tells us that they want conflict. Drama. And what they really mean is that they want turmoil. Debauchery. Titillating content that shows every man is out for himself.

That’s exactly what the world will try to tell my sons too.

GQ and HBO will say a man means approaching the world with guns blazing with attitudes of authority and dominance. Don’t ever take no for an answer. Conquer. Seduce. Stand out. Use people up and if need be, cast them aside when you are done........

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YOUR TURN! What do you think is the most important quality of Biblical manhood?

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