Faith Helps Me To Put. The Cupcake. Down. (The Daniel Plan)

Faith Helps Me Put. The Cupcake. Down. (The Daniel Plan)

I have 3 little kids and a sweet tooth. Both of those factors work against me when it comes to getting healthy, but last week I shared about why I was finally fed up with my poor health and decided to make some drastic changes.

My husband and I picked up Rick Warren’s new book, The Daniel Plan and I know that some of you are looking to make similar changes to ones I have made. There are many great ways to get healthy, and this plan is just one of them, but my hope is that by reading this series and hearing just a snippet from each of the main essentials in this book, you will begin to make some healthier changes too.

The first element in the book is the “Faith Essential”-it’s what sets this change in lifestyle apart from using sheer willpower, which often fails us. My willpower is no match for a chocolate cupcake.

For Christ-followers, we can approach changes in our eating habits and lifestyle with confidence because of our trust in God to help us get healthy. Willpower alone will not sustain us. The “Faith” chapter is full of encouraging Bible verses like the one in Zechariah 4:6 which says, “Don’t depend on your own power or strength but on my Spirit”. This chapter on Faith is really setting a foundation of understanding that God cares deeply for us and that we can make lasting changes for good because God also desires and equips us to do so.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the “Faith Essential” chapter:

“If you find yourself tired all the time, one reason may be that you are trying to solve all your problems, fulfill your responsibilities, and make all your changes on your own. One clue that this may be happening is when you worry more than you pray.” Pg. 52

“In your life, you will go through many experiences that leave you feeling sad, discouraged, or alone. But you’re not alone. There will never be a moment in your life when God is not paying attention to you.” Pg. 55

“God loves to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones and crucifixions into resurrections.” Pg. 61

“What I think determines the way I feel. What I feel determines the way I act.” Pg. 64

“When you begin to renew your mind with God’s Word, and you replace old lies, false ideas, and misconceptions with the truth, it will set you free from habits and hang-ups that limit your life. Your actions will naturally begin to align with your new attitudes. This process only happens when we follow God’s instructions.” Pg. 64

“If you prayed as much as you worry, you would have a whole lot less to worry about.” Pg. 68

“God is not waiting for you to get physically healthy or spiritually mature before he starts loving you or enjoying you. He loves you right now, and he will be cheering you on at every stage of your growth and development. He is not waiting for you to cross the finish line first. He is smiling at you as you run the race.” Pg 70-71

Isn’t that a great way to be encouraged before taking on a new way of eating, or exercising? The Daniel Plan, 40 Days to a Healthier Life, offers a ton of practical tips and Scriptures to keep your mind on what matters most-having a trust in God to aid you in your journey to wellness. Personally, it was good for me to remember that God is cheering me on, and He doesn’t kick me when I am down, or frown when I fail. He wants me to get back up, and keep running my race.

Next week, I’ll be sharing about the “Food Essential” and how detoxing revealed some interesting results in our family-including how this has affected our kids! By far, the food element has been the most radical change for us-I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

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YOUR TURN! Which of the quotes from the Faith Essential chapter resonated with you the most?


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