A Week At The Lia Household!

A Week At The Lias!

Ever wonder how other families are spending their days? I do! So I thought I would share a little glimpse into our home life! Here's a sample of our past week, and a look inside our comings and goings in sunny Southern California!

I like to think of Sundays as the start to my week, not the end. We went to Saturday night church this week (we are experimenting with switching up the services we attend), so on Sunday morning, my husband unearthed an old Geotrax set we had in the garage. Our 2-year-old literally did not leave the family room for hours!

And he wails in frustration every.time.that.train.falls.off.the.track.

One of my best girlfriends who has known me from my young single and footloose days has been dating a wonderful guy that she waited a looonnngggg time to find, so she had my husband Guy and I over for lunch to meet him! He's a keeper. At the end of our time, I got all emotional and cried when I thought back to the early days when Guy and I were newlyweds. I'm sure I made a great first impression. Oh well.

My oldest son, Oliver is having a Skylander's themed birthday party next month! I sat up late putting together his birthday invitations-he feels strongly that we should invite both Kindergarten classes, so that's what we will do! As a Christmas baby, my birthdays got swallowed up by the holidays, so I go ALL OUT when it comes to my boys' parties! What kinds of parties do your kids request?


Skylander's Invitations!.jpg


On Monday, we had perfect weather-ridiculously sunny and glorious. I posted this blog post about my husband and how I don't put him first in my life. He still loves me, though. We have AWANA on Monday nights so I prepped my lesson for my Cubbies too. Ollie went to school and the little boys and I chased lizards in the yard, played on the swing set, and did routine straighten-up-the-house work, like laundry! I tried to set aside one or two days a week to do laundry and it was NOT working for me. So I'm back to a load or two every day. It just works better for me and I like the consistency. I'm wondering what works for other moms!

Tuesday was a run-of-the-mill day, (except for lots of extra wrestling with Quinn, my 4-year-old) and I was thinking about this:

The difference between a run-of-the-mill day and a GREAT day is the discipline to count your blessings.


On Wednesday, I took way too many online quizzes. It turns out that I am a swan, an apple, and an expert at all things Disney. On the way home from picking up Oliver from school, he had this wisdom for me: “Mom, pandas look really soft and cuddly. But MOM. They are BEARS! You have to be careful around them”. I love this kid. He followed that one up by warning me that things are not always what they seem to be. For instance, “A piece of candy could be disguised as a bomb, so if it is ticking-watch out!” And THEN during dinner, which we ate out on the shady backyard patio, he came over to me and said, “Mom, I'm ready to go and be with Jesus. I'm just ready for Heaven.”

Me too, little buddy. Me too.

Thursday was downright HOT. I pulled the water table out for the little boys to play with. Do you have one of these things? Amazing! I sat in the shade and listened to a concert of birds. Earlier this week, Oliver prayed that he would be chosen to bring home the class pets for Easter break. He told God that it's better to give than to receive, so he would be happy for whoever was chosen. But I have to say, I prayed hard that God would honor his sweet prayers. When he got home from school, he was beaming! Sure enough, God said “Yes!” to Oliver. We are the proud babysitters of Lego and Leah, two sweet parakeets!


Babysitting Birds!.jpg


Friday was Spring cleaning day! I reorganized closets, pulled out clothes that were too small for my boys, and spruced up all the nooks and crannies I don't always get to during a routine cleaning. My husband took the little boys to a trampoline park in the morning to give me some time to get things squared away. Have you been to one of these places? They are amazingly fun, as long as you don't mind getting pegged with dodge-balls or flying into foam pits! A little boy's idea of heaven on earth.

Today we had some friends from Oliver's school over for brunch! I made coffee-cake muffins, a yummy egg dish with bacon, and pineapple! The weather was perfect for sitting on the back patio and enjoying the mountain views from our yard. :)


Dinner In The Shade.jpg


Throughout the week, I was working on a number of items for TV and Movie projects. My husband and I run Storehouse Media Group, a faith-friendly and family-friendly production company, so I spent bits an pieces of time writing up character sketches for some shows we are working on and setting meetings to meet with different studios and networks in the coming weeks. It's a busy time for us, but all good-and we appreciate your prayers as we seek to make entertainment that honors God and inspires others.

That pretty much sums it up! I have a LOT to be thankful for and I bet you do too!

YOUR TURN! So tell me, what does your week typically look like? What's your go to method for tackling laundry? And what things have your kids said recently that make you smile?


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