Fun Toys And Gifts For 2014 That Keep Kids' Attention

Fun Toys And Gifts For 2014 That Keep Kids' Attention

Some of the best gift ideas have come from other moms who have recommended their kids' favorite items to me. I thought I would do the same! These are a few of the tried and true favorites that my kids continue to play with year after year-because let's face it, there is nothing worse than a child opening a gift only to play with it for a week before tossing it aside. THESE items will be worth every penny and offer lasting enjoyment! Click on the affiliate links for more information and reviews!


Big Boots- These awesome little guys are what they claim to be! The "big boots" on their feet allow them to land on their feet every time! My kids play with these EVERY DAY-even in the bathtub at night. These slim packs of Big Boots are great for stocking stuffers and they have amazing vehicles to go with them! This might be my boys' most played with toy of all time regardless of their age!


We first discovered Kinetic Sand at a friend's house. This stuff is AMAZING. My boys can play with this sand for an hour at a time-and they never focus that long for much else!


I know this is a large item, but I can't tell you how many days I sat watching my boys jump in this Bouncy House in our yard (or basement!) and thanked God for the blessing of it! They LOVE it and it helps them get exercise too. I love that it inflates in moments and folds up to store in a closet or space in the garage. It was EASY to set up and put away! This may be the best thing I have ever purchased for my kids!


Jenga! My boys (even my 3-year-old!) love to play this nerve-wrecking game! Easy to set up, and lots of fun for all ages, the object is to keep the teetering tower from toppling over as you pull wooden pieces from the sides and middle and then place them on top!


Lego Juniors! I have one boy who loves Legos and one who gets frustrated by them. Lego Juniors are the perfect solution because they are a tad "easier" to manipulate. There are sets for GIRLS too!


The Electronic Toy Violin was a big hit with our boys! It plays dozens of tunes and looks realistic. They would play tunes for and put on little concerts! It's not something every kid on the block has either, so it's uniqueness was also part of the appeal!


Glide Bikes are a parent's dream when it comes to teaching little ones how to balance and ride a bike. These bikes allowed our kids to go straight from a glide bike to a regular bike without training wheels because it teaches kids how to balance! Designed without pedals, there are footrests that can be removed if desired. This bike is best for kids 4 and under but my 5 year-old still loves to cruise around on his because it's so FUN!

YOUR TURN! What are some of your kids' favorite gifts or toys?

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