An Update On Quade At 3 Months Old! And Pictures too!

It’s been 3 months! Three glorious months, people. I can’t believe I can even describe the weeks of having a newborn as glorious because quite frankly, my older three made life as a mom in those first months a little bit like—actually a lot like, torture. My firstborn NEVER slept. Ever. The next two boys got successively better, but because they were born so close together, I was in pure survival mode.

But this time?

Oh Mylanta. I shared a couple months ago that Quade is a Unicorn Baby (a baby who is so easy and happy that it's magical). And guess what? This little guy is as magical and delicious now as he was then. He slept 8.5 hours straight two nights in a row this week! And he always sleeps at least 6! I didn’t even know that this was possible!! But it is!

Hal. Le. Luiah! Can you hear the angels singing?!

I cried happy tears just before I took this picture. No apparent reason--just the overwhelming love I have for Quade!

It's hard to resist a baby in an adorable winter hat!

The only thing better than having 3 sons is having 4.

But there’s more! And I do apologize right here and right now for the gushing. Really. But I can’t help it! Quade is sweet and happy. He coos and talks to us. He literally BEAMS like a lighthouse when anyone approaches him and smiles. His face lights up with the biggest reciprocation. It’s just too much. It’s impossible to be depressed around this kid.

This week, I put him in the nursery at church during Oakley’s (5) preschool and when I went to feed him partway through the morning, the sweet grandma who was rocking him seemed quite reluctant to hand him over. He’s that presh. I’m just glad I didn’t have to cause a scene by prying him away from her. I gave him back soon enough and she scooped him up like a long lost relative. I’m not complaining. So sweet.

Speaking of feeding, I’m really an advocate of breastfeeding and so sympathetic to moms who just can’t, but with my first three I was literally in the hospital with infections in those early months. That pain was brutal and I was afraid that this time I was in for it again. I try to breastfeed for two years but as long as I make it to one, I’ll be one happy milk maid. Was I in for more pain this time around though?

NOPE! I had initial pain that we all endure when we get used to nursing again but it resolved quickly and now Quade and I are in a beautiful rhythm, pain-free! Thank the Lord!

Quade adapts to any situation, sleeps like a baby (fitting, right?), and eats like a champ. He has the happiest disposition and really almost never cries or fusses. He is animated, strong, and full of curiosity.

Can I tell you…I was in full blown shock that I was pregnant and having a fourth boy up until about a month ago. Sometimes, I still can’t believe it. A part of me felt a little sad that I was not going to be kid-free during the school year with Oakley about to begin in the fall. I had all these big plans like dropping them off and heading straight for the beach. But I truly cannot imagine my life without this delightful little guy in it. I’m so excited that he’s my daily buddy and we get to spend the next few years together before he heads off to school too. Would not trade it for anything—even a little freedom. Or naps in the sun while listening to the waves.

In other news, he’s still my Little Red Fox with curly strawberry blonde hair. His brothers still dote on him and cuddle him, and help with diaper changes. They think he’s the best thing that ever happened to them. To us. They may be right.

Looking dapper in his tie! And the tie clip--how fun is that?!

Big brother Oakley loves to entertain!

Quade loves to spend time playing with his toys and doing tummy time in the mornings but his favorite activity is smiling at everyone! 

Baby fingers! Tiny miracles.....

People have been asking if we plan to have any more but since we didn’t plan him, we certainly aren’t planning for others. We are pretty sure that the biological factory is closed for business but Guy and I have always felt that adoption in one way or another may be in our future. Honestly, if I hadn’t had 4 C-sections, I’d be seriously tempted to go through this all again.  Of course, it’s all in God’s capable hands so we will leave all of that up to Him!

And just because we are a little crazy, we added a kitty cat to our household this month! We rescued a one-and-a-half-year-old from a local shelter. Flash is a Russian Blue and is the sweetest cat ever! We are still trying to foster amicable relations between Flash and our Black Labrador, Rosey but the going is a little rough. Flash is not interested in friendship just yet but we will keep trying. Any tips or hopeful testimonials welcome! Do yourself a big favor and watch this hysterical video of our big surprise for the boys!

Stay tuned in coming weeks for a list of new amazing baby items that I have discovered this time around with Quade. It’s incredible to think how quickly times change and that there are more and more awesome products out there with each new baby that arrives. Thanks for being so happy for us and praying for us as we adjust to being a family of 6!

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