Baby Lia #4 Gender Reveal! Surprise! It's A ................

It's time for the gender reveal of BABY LIA #4!!

Our son Quinn wanted us to use a gender reveal cake so that when we cut it open, it would have either pink or blue frosting, so that’s exactly what we did! 

Without further ado—HERE IT IS!!!


So, what's our new baby's name? Scroll down after the video to find out!






We love the O,Q,O,Q pattern of our sons' names and we have loved the name Quade for many years! Spurgeon is his middle name after the great preacher, Charles Spurgeon whose devotional I have read every day for the last 16 years! Spurgeon is an amazing writer and man of God, so I'm honored to name my son after him! 

If he had been a "she" we would have named her Waverley-Jane Anne Lia! Waverley-Jane would have been her full first name, after Jane Eyre, my favorite novel and character, who again, is an amazing example of someone who is passionate about God! Anne is a family tradition--my mother's middle name, but also another favorite book and character of mine...Anne of Green Gables! 

We are BLESSED and EXCITED to have another baby and we are thrilled to have 4 amazing sons to raise! Will you join me in praying for Quade over these next months? Thank you for sharing in our joy and excitement! Mother of KNIGHTS lives on!! 

YOUR TURN! How many kids do you have? Any all boy or all girl moms out there?