It’s finally here! I’m excited to share the book cover reveal of my new book series with you!

My new book--a Bible study for kids and parents to go through together, is almost ready! I got the cover design back from my designer this week and it exceeded my expectations!

This series of Bible studies is called the Study Buddy Bible Study Series! Here is a little bit about the first one on the book of Proverbs:

The Study Buddy Bible Study Series is for every parent who wants to teach the Bible to their child. Full of simple, yet practical applications, this study on the book of Proverbs focusses on 20 key verses to teach kids about wisdom and how to use good judgement in their daily lives. Designed to take just 10 minutes a day, it’s a wonderful way to reach your child’s heart without being overwhelming or a burden. Each day includes a verse to study, several fact-based questions, a big idea to remember, and discussion questions to spark a lively conversation between parent and child. You won’t become teacher and student with this study—you will learn together, as study buddies!

Each day includes:

A verse from God’s Word to study

Space to write and commit Scripture to heart

A big idea to remember

Special interactive questions for reflection

Parent/child questions to spark lively conversation

Stay tuned in coming weeks to get your copy. And be on the lookout for the Study Buddy on the book of Psalms, in the editing process now! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar to the right so you don't miss anything!

YOUR TURN: I have lots of topics in the pipeline for more studies, including the Fruit of the Spirit, The Gospel, Sibling Relationships, and Forgiveness. What topics or books of the Bible would YOU like to see in this series?