Counting Our Redemptive Wins

Please welcome my friend, Elisa Pulliam, to the blog today! 

Have you ever thought of counting the redemptive wins by focusing on the transformative work God is about the business of accomplishing in your life? Or do you tend to notice only the moments in which you’ve fallen prey to your flesh? That’s when condemnation becomes the voice in your head tormenting all day and night long. 

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That used to be me, especially when my battle with anger raged on. But since the healing work God accomplished in me a decade ago, I’ve learned to embrace the redemptive wins and thank God for moving me back in line with the Holy Spirit’s leading. What exactly does this look like? Well, the most recent time was during a

twelve-day stretch in which I was solo-parenting, which of course, lined up perfectly with a chaotic finals week schedule for my tween and teenagers, compounded by a sick kiddo, a dog on epileptic medication, and full (blessed) work schedule. In light of my struggle with anger, it's weeks like this one that makes my whole family a little on edge, fearing the "old me" might rear her ugly head under the pressure of it all. I’d love to tell you she never showed up. Unfortunately, she did. As physical fatigue amped up and emotional weariness followed suit, one more request from my daughter – about a “want” I had already gently discussed with her a dozen times – pushed me right over the edge.

No sooner did the words come out of my mouth did I realize that wasn’t where I wanted to go. She felt the same way too, recognizing her request crossed the line for a number of reasons. After a twenty-minute or so pause apart, she came to me with an apology and I had one for her too. 

Praise the Lord, humility quickly took over in both of us and made the way for God's beautifully redemptive work to begin.

That was part 1 of our REDEMPTIVE win.

In our family, we know how to say we’re sorry and ask for forgiveness – a necessary component of doing life together. But the best part of the whole hoopla was what God did in the “restoration” conversation. He opened our eyes to our root issues and together we began bullying the lies that tempt to defeat and lead us straight into sin.

This was part 2 of our REDEMPTIVE win!

I preach all the time that God who began a good work in us will bring it to completion on the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6). We are all works in progress. Like Paul describes in Romans 7 and 8, we know what we ought to do and don’t do it. We do what we don’t want to do, even though we don’t want to do it. In present day vernacular, we’re a bunch of hot messes. The problem isn’t the mess as much as what it becomes when we excuse our behavior rather than seeking God for His transformative work to take over.

In the middle of an emotional battle between our wants and needs, our desires and God’s best, we have a choice make. This isn’t a once and done decision. This is a moment-by-moment choice. The good news is that the more we yield to God’s leading, the quicker we’ll get there next time we stumble. 

Instead of crumbling into the pit of shame, we can take God's outstretched hand and walk with Him in conviction, confession, and repentance.

We may try with all our might to avoid ever being a hot mess, but it is only when our thinking changes that our living will follow suit. And that is exactly why the more we invest in reading Scripture and believing God’s Word, the more we’ll be guided by the Truth and live as God intended . . . quick to repent and find His redemptive win on the other side of our mess.

On this journey to eternity, we will find ourselves in sanctifying circumstances often. So how could embracing a REDEMPTIVE win mindset change how you respond to your “not so stellar” moments when your flesh trumped the Spirit’s leading? 

Elisa Pulliam is passionate about helping women experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word for the sake of impacting the next generation with Kingdom Hope. Her latest book, "Unblinded Faith: Gaining Spiritual Sight through Believing God's Word," is described as "more than a devotional, it's a tool for growing deep spiritual roots."


Elisa is the founder of More to Be, a ministry devoted to equipping women with biblical resources, coaching, and mentor training. She also is the owner of the Kaleo Agency, and as a creative strategist, she helps female entrepreneurs, coaches, and writers develop their brand marketing in order to convey their message and maximize their mission with ease.

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