Decisions, Decisions. How I Recently Learned The Hard Way And Weight Watchers Weigh In, Week #9!

A while ago now, I made a pot roast with a new recipe. It looked promising and as I waited the three hours for it to cook slowly in the oven, I grew more and more hungry. When the timer rang, I pulled the steaming pot from the oven and prepared plates for my family, heaping them with vegetables and roast.

I took my first bite of meat. And then I spit it out.

It was totally gross. I’m usually a pretty good cook so I’m going to blame it on the actual cut of the meat. Either way, I wasn’t going to eat it. It wasn’t worth it.

In days gone by, I may very well have just continued to gnaw away, eating my dinner, but being on Weight Watchers has helped me “count the cost” of the things I eat. If it’s not worth the calories or the points, I’m just not going to bother. As I contemplated this thought, I realized that it would serve me well in other areas of my life. I tend to say yes to lots of things that are good but that rob me of time I could use to do things that are even better. Meanwhile, some things that are worth my time get sidelined for one reason or another.

This year, I’m cleaning out my fridge and I’m cleaning out my calendar.  Lately, when an opportunity is presented to me, I ask myself, “Is it worth it?” In the past, I have often said yes to volunteering or to a writing project, or even a family activity, and then immediately felt my stomach drop. That’s usually a signal to me that I should have passed on it. Each time this happens, I learn a little bit more about how to be discerning.

In the last couple of months, I made a financial decision to say yes to a project that seemed like an incredible opportunity. I believed in the concept but for some reason I felt a little unnerved by it.  I prayed about it a lot and felt like I should move forward, but that nagging feeling in my gut would not disappear. I told the Lord I would keep walking through open doors and that if it was not the right thing, I trusted Him to shut those doors.

Everything was moving along, even though I had little red flags popping up along the way. Suddenly, it totally imploded and little by little each door firmly closed. It was completely unexpected and left me having to rearrange much of my daily life for a while, but in the end, I was left with confidence in my gut instincts—that Holy Spirit nudge that had whispered to me to be on guard.  Next time, I’ll be more inclined to turn down other opportunities that seem too good to be true. This experience, like that fatty meat, simply wasn’t worth it.

Sometimes, God asks me to participate in something that is out of my comfort zone, and that’s okay. The process of determining whether I should say yes isn’t always cut and dry, but when it causes me anxiety or stress, then I know that I have not been mindful enough in the decision-making process. Even if my commitment stretches me, I can still feel peace if it is something that I know God would have me do.

Between focusing on my health and losing weight, to laying off the extra mental weight of saying “yes” to obligations, I’m lightening up and it feels great! So, without further ado, here is my weigh in for this week on Weight Watchers. Last week, I was hoping that I would reach the 10 lb marker for my weight loss. Did it happen?

Here are my results:

I did it! I have lost more than ten pounds in less than two months! And guess what? My husband is nearing twenty pounds lost! Men. They have it so much easier in the weight loss department. Still, I’m super proud of him!! Oh, and by the way, now that I am down my first ten pounds, I’ll be sharing my weight loss journey on a monthly basis from here on out!

Losing weight feels amazing, whether it’s pounds or mental stress. If you feel like you are overwhelmed or unsettled about some of your daily tasks and responsibilities, I want to encourage you to unload some of that. Life is short and we must take joy in what we do—but if we are bogged down, we won’t be nearly as free to enjoy the good things God has put in our lives. Or even value life itself! Take some time to count the cost of your habits and activities. If anything leaves an unsavory taste in your mouth, by all means, spit it out!

YOUR TURN: Can you relate to this post? How do you know if you are making a good decision or if something is worth your “yes?” I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!