Everything I Don't Want You To KNow About My Weight And What I'm Doing About It In 2017!

This might be one of my most embarrassing and vulnerable posts yet. But, I need your support, so I’m exposing my weakness to all of you.

Last week, my husband Guy and I did something together that I knew we needed to do. We dropped our oldest kids off at school and headed to Weight Watchers. I’ll let Guy speak for himself. He’ll be sharing his journey in his own words here from time to time to give you a man’s perspective, but as for me, I have slowly and steadily put on about 60 pounds since Oakley (5) was born.

I can’t blame baby weight on my initial gain. I ate for comfort and emotional reprieve. This kind of eating is a mirage of happiness because it lasts only for a moment. About five years ago, I hit a low emotionally and went through a series of difficult losses, life-changes, and challenging transitions. I turned to food.

In the year 2000, I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 50 lbs. I was young, single, and had no one else to care for but myself. Losing the weight then was not easy but it was less challenging than it will be this time around as a busy mom of four. A few years ago, I began my journey toward health by following The Daniel Plan and it taught me that food is medicine. I ditched the processed foods and began to eat as many organic foods as I could afford. By cleansing my system, eating real whole foods, and starting to exercise again, my body literally began to heal from severe migraines and other ailments. But I was still eating too much of a good thing.

And then, of course, Quade came into my life and I spent this past year gaining weight again through my pregnancy. After he was born in October, I realized that I was now the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. I was appalled and felt an urgent need to make changes for the sake of my own health and for the sake of my sweet boys. I also know that God desires me to be a woman of self-control and steward this body He has blessed me with. Losing weight is an act of obedience.

Enter Weight Watchers. The meetings provide me the accountability I desperately need. My leaders have always nurtured me toward progress and given me the drive I need to keep going week after week. The program is set up to work with nursing moms like me so that I can safely lose weight and not impact my milk supply. The best part though, is the new app for my phone. I am totally in love with it! I’ll share about some of the features in future posts, but trust me, it’s amazing!

This is the really tough and vulnerable part of my post. I’m going to share with you my actual starting weight and loss or gain each week. I do not want to do this. It feels terribly awkward and embarrassing, but I need your support and blogging about my journey is going to add an extra layer of accountability for me. When I lost the weight in 2000, and kept it off for twelve years, I felt amazing. I know the program works—I just need to recommit to it and do the emotional and spiritual work to get my life back.

So, here it is: 

Next week, I'll share some photos and more information about why I love this particular program so much as well as an update on my progress. I hope you'll come back to cheer me on!

I don’t know what your own health journey is right now but if you want to share with me some changes you are making in your life, whatever they may be, I’d love to hear about it. Let’s encourage one another to live in the moment and not be enslaved by anything. And until next week, I’ll be working hard to do the right thing on my end, one meal at a time.

YOUR TURN: What change are you making in your life in 2017? Or maybe this post has you considering changes you need to make. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Will you pray for me and support me as I progress through Weight Watchers? Thank you!!