If Only You Had Never Been Born....

If only had never been born…….

I wouldn’t have suffered through migraines in pregnancy

I wouldn’t have spent 9 months with morning sickness

I wouldn’t have had to have major surgery and a painful recovery

If you hadn’t been born……

I wouldn’t have been gripped with so much fear

I wouldn’t have spent years waking up in the middle of the night losing sleep

I wouldn’t have spent countless hours in waiting rooms for doctor appointments

If you hadn’t been born…..

I wouldn’t have missed out on girls’ nights out

I wouldn’t have lost some of my friendships

I wouldn’t have felt so isolated

If you hadn’t been born……

I wouldn’t have felt the pain of other parents’ judging my choices

I wouldn’t have experienced such anger when kids call you names or hurt you

I wouldn’t have had to confront teachers and felt so uncomfortable

If you hadn’t been born……

I wouldn’t have missed out on traveling the world

I wouldn’t have left my thriving career

I wouldn’t have bought an SUV instead of a convertible

Oh, if only you had never been born…..

I wouldn’t feel so inadequate

I wouldn’t be exhausted at the end of every day

I wouldn’t be bewildered by the constant mess

But if you hadn’t been born…….

My heart would be 1 million times smaller

My character would be weaker

My world would be darker

My spirit would be dimmer

My life would be empty

Child, there is no greater honor than to be your mom. Every hard moment is nothing compared to the joy of loving you and knowing you and raising you!

Oh! If you had never been born, I’d be miserable indeed!

You, my darling, are my greatest gift, my biggest blessing, my most valuable treasure! I can't imagine my life without you and I love you with all my heart!

I'm so glad you were born, to me!!

YOUR TURN! What's your greatest joy as a parent? Leave a line or two here describing what you love best about your kids! (You may want to read this to your own children--mine cried tears of happiness and we spent a good while sharing a hug and kisses!)