Life Update! Quade, Weight Watchers, Faith, Hollywood, and Random Stuff!

I hope you don’t mind, but this blog post is going to be a little on the casual side.

Life Update! Quade, Weight Watchers, Hollywood, Faith, and Random Stuff!.jpg

The truth is, I have not had as much time for the blog over the last six months because I was pouring myself into writing my next book. (More details about when that’s available soon!) It’s hard to write a book and write articles at the same time, and of course there is that sweet baby Quade that I get to parent and love. I kind of forgot because it has been five years since I had a baby, but these littles are a lot of work! This is a good thing, but life balance is suddenly all out of whack for me. So let’s catch up a little, shall we?



Our little red Fox enjoyed his smash cake though he didn't really dig into it!

Speaking of Quade, let’s start there. It’s been ONE YEAR, people! Did the time fly for you like it did for me? I have cherished this year to my core. Quade continues to be the most delightful baby. Here are a few fun things that make him different from his three older bros:

Quade is our best sleeper.

He is our best eater.

He is not as into nursing as his brothers were. I think his nursing days are coming to an end soon. Sniff. Sniff.

He wouldn’t take a pacifier, just like big bro, Quinn.

Quade is our most easy-going baby. Oakley was pretty chill too, but Quade is even easier.

Quade took more time to crawl than his brothers and so far, he isn’t walking. His brothers walked at 9 and 10 months!

Quade likes his bath time but only for a short period. His brothers could have played in the tub all day!

Quade does well in the car. He’s much more willing to drive for extended periods without fussing than his brothers were.

We celebrated our sweet little red fox’s birthday this weekend. Here are a few pictures! You can check out Instagram for more.


Brothers Are Forever Friends! 


Chocolate Cake (homemade) is a MUST for birthdays around here. One of our few family traditions! 


Gifts galore! He loved tearing off the paper. Thankful for generous friends!


I officially weigh in this week, but I have finally met my 20 lb goal! Yay!!!! This process has been significantly slower than I want, but I’m learning to be patient with myself. I have to keep remembering that it’s been slow but steady. I had a plateau for about 7 weeks straight, down to the ounce. It was frustrating, but I also couldn’t do anything extreme over the summer to really get the scale to budge. I lived life! I traveled! I enjoyed my baby! And the scale didn’t move down. But it also didn’t move up! I call that victory. Now that I have reached my 20 lb. goal, I’m determined to keep going! My husband and I just joined a gym, so give me your best tips. When do you make time to work out? I feel like making this a routine will be my biggest challenge, but I really want to make it a priority.


Most of you probably know that my husband and I run a family and faith-friendly production company, Storehouse Media Group. We are officially in development with a major network, on a show we created, but there is a lot to do still before you can watch it. Please keep praying us through as we work on the pilot script, casting, and the many details that go into making this happen. Please pray for open doors and wisdom in the process. Thank you! Can’t wait to share more about this soon!


We were off on a "date night" to see the premiere of the Heart Of Man Movie! Don't think poorly of me, but my one New Year's Resolution this year was to learn how to wear false eyelashes. Yeah, I aimed low this year. But I did it! These ones were too long, but I went with it!  


It’s good for us to take time to be still and listen to the Lord. I have found that there is always something God is teaching me. Lately, I’m learning to let God be in control more and more. There are circumstances in my writing, producing, family, and personal life that I simply have no control over right now. That said, I have been experiencing a deep peace that can only come from God. So much is at stake, and yet I don’t feel panicked, anxious, or upset. I sense God is right beside me, leading me, and allowing me to rest in Him. Often, when I’m driving, or in the shower, or stirring dinner over the oven, I take these moments to talk to the Lord and ask Him to intervene on my behalf when there is nothing I can physically do to change someone or something. It gives me perspective, reminds me that God is for me, and that nothing is an accident. I can leave it in God’s capable hands! My lack of control isn’t making me fearful, it’s making me free! Free to let my mind rest and my heart trust in the Lord who sees all things and has a good plan for my life. This is true for you too. If you, like me, have some situations or people that affect your life, but you can’t do anything about your particular circumstances, spend some time each day prayerfully releasing your concerns and desires to the Lord! He’s got you!


Meanwhile, my husband and his buddy Josh just installed new flooring in our house, I decorated for fall, and I’m starting to think about Thanksgiving dinner. Ha! Quade and I joined a mommy and baby Bible study and my boys joined a local soccer league. We have had all kinds of car trouble in recent days. It’s refining, right? I decided that the one thing I would do for some “me time” is get a gel manicure every few weeks and it makes my feminine heart happy! Guy and I have been slacking on our date nights though we have been to a number of red carpet premieres for some amazing films (be sure to follow my Instagram for fun industry pics). I won a contest at Wood Ranch for a steak dinner for four and I can’t wait to have filet and a baked potato. With sour cream and chives, thank you very much! I’m having oral surgery in a couple weeks. Hold me.


I love the panels that follow premieres! That's Paul Young, author of The Shack. It was a highlight to get to talk with him about writing books after the film. I did get a selfie with him and post it on my instagram! 


Guy surprised the boys by taking them to a private taping of their favorite show, Bizaardvark! What a treat to hang out with the cast and meet all the crew! 

There you have it. Thanks for catching up with me!

YOUR TURN! What’s God doing in your life lately? How are you doing in this current stage of life?