Maternity Photo Shoot Reveal!

This pregnancy was both a surprise and a gift! I'm cherishing every moment of it--even though baby Quade Spurgeon Lia is increasingly active and making me quite uncomfortable these days. Nonetheless, we are celebrating this month with a recent maternity and family portrait shoot in Ventura, California! 

My family LOVES the beach so we chose our favorite setting for the photo shoot! What's even more awesome is that our talented photographer is a former high school student of mine! I feel like my students are all "my kids" too so this made the session that much more special! If you are in Southern California, take a look at Meghan O'Sullivan's website for more of her beautiful work and to book your own session! 

Without further ado--here are some of our amazing portraits!


The Lia Family Portriats, 2016!

One of the things I love most about being a mom is that my partner is THIS GUY! He's truly an amazing father!

Oakley (5), Quinn (approaching 7), Oliver (9)

This might be my favorite family portrait........

I'm so totally curious to see what Quade will look like! Will he resemble his brothers? I'm betting the odds are good!

Whatever life throws at us, we will always have each other!

Technically, Oakley is our class clown of the family, but we all love a good laugh! We tell a lot of jokes--most of them only funny to us! 

This oldest boy, how I love him!

Beach and my boys. Pretty perfect combo!

This kid has never been afraid of anything.....

This one either for that matter......

And they learned that from this one!

L.O.V.E. I pray on a regular basis that these three will be the very best of friends for a lifetime. Plus one, of course!

Oliver. Leader. Smart. Skateboarder. Good sleeper. LOVES Jesus. Prayer warrior.

Quinn. Joy-boy. Passionate. Servant-hearted. Swimmer. Scientist. Loves Jesus. Prayer warrior. 

Oakley. Class-clown. Affectionate. Brave. Motorcycle-rider. Generous. Loves Jesus. Prayer warrior. 

Oh, please. Be still my beating heart!

I always wanted to be a mom. Never imagined I'd have 4 sons, but I relish being a boy-mom! It's what I do. We are loud, rough and tumble, and full of joy! And after all, as Oakley always tells me, I get to be the "Princess Flower" of the castle!

Thanks for sharing in our excitement over this new baby boy on the way! Don't forget to visit Meghan's website as well as Instagram and Facebook! Here's a little more about her:

Meghan is a natural light photographer based in Southern California. She loves to photograph babies, families, and weddings. Her passion is capturing people's love and all their laughs, smiles, and warm embraces. She is a wife and mom of two little boys, Patrick (2) and Easton (1). When she's not busy running her photography business, she loves date nights with her husband and weekend getaways with her family! 

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