My Toughest Week So Far, Weight Watchers Weigh-In, Week #3!

If there was a week I would gain weight, it would be this week—whether I did or not, you will have to see at the end, but suffice it to say that there were plenty of opportunities for sabotage. The first being a family trip to Wrightwood, California. We rented a little cabin near town with the primary goal of getting some sledding in for the boys. Oliver (9) has seen snow before but for the other boys, it was a first! (Follow me on Instagram, @motherofknights, to see the fun pics!) 

We ate smart though. Only two meals were eaten out at restaurants and the rest we made in the kitchen of our cabin. I packed tons of fruit to snack on and we brought salads for our lunches. Our host left us chocolate chip cookies, so instead of depriving ourselves or over-indulging, Guy and I had a cookie when we really felt like it, and counted the points value into our daily allotment.

We knew we needed to get away as this week marked the passing of Guy’s mom one year ago. His siblings from Oregon and San Diego gathered together this week to remember her and celebrate her life. The Lia family has a favorite restaurant in San Diego and so Guy’s sisters brought our family favorite’s up north—pizza and pasta that would be my last meal if I ever go rogue and end up facing some sort of last meal scenario, heaven forbid.

We also ended up celebrating a couple birthdays together which meant four desserts—pie, cake, and cookies galore. I decided not to indulge this time around. Instead, I focused on the conversations and the company I was with. Far more sweet, than the “sweets” I could eat.

I admit, even though I tracked my food and got some good movement in by clomping through snow, I was worried that I might not lose this week. I decided to be okay with it if that was the case because I had still had so many other victories. like, self-control. Making good choices. Enjoying the people in my life. Being thankful for the memory of my kind mother-in-law.

Do I even need to mention that this week also included Valentine’s Day?! My mom gifted me some of my favorite chocolates from See’s Candy. Yikes. Talk about danger zone. Again, I helped myself to a few chocolate covered nuts, and kept it all in proportion. I guess you could say I didn't go nuts over the candy nuts. Ha!

And then yesterday rolled around and as I readied myself to take the kids to school before heading to my Weight Watchers meeting, my vision blurred. I was seriously bummed. I knew that a migraine was coming and I should take myself straight to bed. But I was so excited to go to my meeting and weigh in. Just the act of stepping on the scale keeps me motivated for the next week. I wasn’t going to let anything mess with my progress so I got a barf bag and headed to school with Guy and the kids. I barely made it through drop off and my head was splitting. I fought the nauseating feeling in my stomach and made it to the meeting place. As soon as the doors opened, I let my leader know I wasn’t going to be able to stay for the meeting and she met me with such tenderness and concern.That’s one of the things I always love about my Weight Watchers leaders. They truly care about you. Skipping the meeting was a bummer, but even that small bit of nurturing interaction at the scale fueled me for the week ahead.

And as I stepped on the scale, I held my breathe. Did I gain after all? Lose that pound I wanted to lose despite the crazy week? Well………

Being able to lose more than a pound this week was a big relief. It reminds me how much this program works for me. I can still live my life with all the factors that could set me back, but don’t have to. I can travel, attend family functions centered around food, celebrate holidays and still lose weight!

I can have my cake and eat it too but the best part of my journey so far is knowing that I am not mastered by food. Nor do I have to live in extremes. The weight loss is fabulous, but that peace of mind is the real icing on the cake.

YOUR TURN! Check in with me! How's your own progress? Whether you are on a weight loss journey or pursuing some other change for this new year, let me know how it's going!