This Is Going To Be Awesome! My Upcoming Mother--Son Trip To Forest Home!

Thank you, in advance, to Forest Home for hosting me and my boys for Mother--Son Weekend of camp! All opinions and text are my own.

The other day I took my son, Quinn, on a special “Mommy Date” to the location of his choice. Subway sandwiches, of course.  There we sat, just he and I, enjoying ham and cheese and unhurried quality time. He was in a state of bliss! Never stopped smiling, seriously. So of course, neither did I!

As the middle child, he often gets sidestepped for this or that—and he will always be the one wearing the most hand-me-downs or called on to be flexible. So when Forest Home asked if I would like to attend a Mommy-Son Weekend at their Christian campgrounds here in Southern California, I knew that Quinn was going to be especially delighted! He is my most outdoorsy kid! 

I asked Quinn if he would mind if his big brother Oliver came too—I really wanted Quinn to have some alone time with me if he really wanted to—but Quinn has a big heart and figured, the more the merrier! 

So, the three of us are heading to Forest Home Christian Camps the weekend of April 1-3rd!

But here’s the best part—there are still spots open for moms and their sons on this trip and we would LOVE to see YOU there too!

Want to join us?! Forest Home is all-inclusive!  

For an affordable rate, the cost includes accommodations (cozy cabins-yay), meals, camp activities (pool, lake, hiking, mini golf, Canyon Park’s zip line, giant swing, ropes course, etc.), and all kinds of fabulous Jesus-focused kids’ programs led by fun-loving counselors!

Please say you’ll come with us! You can register by clicking HERE and the link will take you to the page for more info!

Growing up, I spent every summer going to camp and those days are honestly some of the best memories of my life. I drew closer to the Lord there, made life-long friendships, and had all kids of good-natured F.U.N! I’m truly thrilled to give my boys the same experiences! I’m not so sure about fitting in a one-piece bathing suit at this stage of pregnancy, and I’ll probably watch from the ground while they do the ropes course, but you can bet that I’ll be engaging in plenty of nature hikes and adventures while we are there! Can’t wait!!

Honestly, I’m praying for the times where our hearts will be filled up by the messages from wonderful Christian speakers and worship music and this time in “God’s Country” will also be a very meaningful time spiritually for my sons. I want them to encounter Jesus and I’m praying that this will be a time to transform their hearts even more toward Christ-likeness.

The trip is still a little ways out, but I’m ready to go now!

Here’s the registration link one more time if you are interested in being as spontaneous as we are and heading to the beautiful mountains and grounds of Forest Home! And check out all their other amazing weekends and family camps too!

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