Road Tripping With Kids To The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. The opinions expressed are my own. 

About ten months ago, I received a speaking request from a church in Phoenix, Arizona to share about Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses. I knew that I was only going to accept a few speaking engagements for the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 since I was expecting sweet baby Quade, so when this opportunity came along and coincided with my kids’ spring break, I knew it was meant to be. Not only did I feel strongly that I was supposed to speak to these women, but I also felt like the challenge of road tripping with a baby would be an adventure worth taking.

We packed our car to the gills and set off a little over a week ago and headed straight for The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. Some friends of ours from school recommended the resort to us and when I was doing my research for the trip, I found great reviews for this family-friendly resort. One of the most outstanding features is that The Arizona Grand has its own water park! My kids love to swim so choosing this hotel was a no-brainer. And it didn’t disappoint! We had a truly amazing time and it was largely because The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa made us feel totally welcome—they were quick to unload our massive amounts of luggage and were happy to give us all the fixings for smores one night when winds prevented the boys from seeing an outdoor movie they were looking forward to. The staff were friendly and sincere in their willingness to make our stay a special one. Even the water park staff had just the right balance of professionalism and warmth to make us feel both safe and welcomed into the park.

The golf course is spectacular. Truly beautiful.

We used a cabana for the two days we spent at the water park and it was well worth it. It was nice to have a little privacy and the cushioned lounge chairs were luxurious. It came stocked with plenty of water bottles but we each splurged on a fruity drink too--non-alcoholic, of course. We experienced beautiful weather—not too hot and not too cold, so we didn’t necessarily need the air conditioning system in the cabana but if you are there in hotter weather, it would be a big plus. I love my sweet cabana boys!

Two words to describe happiness: Lazy river. We give it a big thumbs up. 

There are three slides at the Oasis Water Park at The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. This one was a little scary for Quinn, but it didn't stop him! I love the look on his face. LOL!

Oliver went down this slide about 100 times over 2 days. He had the time of his life!

This view gets your heart pumping just looking at it--and it's even more thrilling going down. 

Quinn convinced me to go on this slide and I was hooked. It was good to feel like a kid again! 

On the second day, our cabana had great views of the lazy river. We could just slip right in. Perfect. 

Guy was as happy as the boys and he deserved some relaxation in the lazy river. 

This fruit platter kept us on track with healthy eating. We snacked on it all day—delicious! Of course, we had cookies too. Everything in moderation. Ha! We ordered lunch and dinner at the resort as well. The portions were generous and the food was good. The cabana comes with the convenience of an attendant to take our orders, but there are several places around the park to order food and beverages, making it convenient to grab a snack. The Oasis restaurant treated us right. Those cookies lasted about 5 minutes. The fruit lasted longer but only because there was such a generous helping. It was absolutely scrumptious. 

Can you tell I was a little bit in love with the fruit platter? 

Someone else walked by with these babies and I had to order it for our dinner one night. Chicken nachos to feed a king--or at least a mother of knights.....

The scenery along the lazy river was so pretty. The blue skies overhead, the red rocks, the greenery and flowers, made it live up to its Oasis namesake. 

This cool little Quade baby took some pretty good naps under the cabana. He got lots of attention from other guests the whole trip. That's what happens when you are the cutest baby on the planet. 

Each afternoon, a DJ plays kid-friendly music and organizes a ton of games and activities for the kids. My boys couldn't get enough! Super fun and a very nice touch to make it even more memorable for the kids. 

Hangin with other lil guests and the DJ. 

All the boys loved the wave pool, but I got to spend some extra time there with Oakley since he wasn't quite tall enough for the slides. It was special for me to have that one on one time with him since he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I'm treasuring these days!

The hotel rooms have amazing views. Ours happened to overlook the water park. 

We took our time in the mornings to be lazy. Quade had plenty of attention from his brothers, as usual. And yes, the beds are incredibly comfortable!

If you want a family photo while at the resort, there are plenty of beautiful backdrops. The Resort has ample space for large groups, weddings, business events, etc. as well. The grounds are ideal for any event--or photo op!

I could have sat on the patio outside the main lobby all day. Glorious. 

A Mother and her Knights. I'm one blessed mama. 

This massive hot tub was a favorite of the boys' as well. Quade enjoyed the bubbles. 

Nighttime brought it's own alluring views. The resort was truly breathtaking in the twilight. 

S'mores by the fire pit! Even the marshmallows were homemade. Yummy!

On the second night we were there, the boys played water volleyball while watching the nightly movie on the big screen. It was a special time and we let them stay up late. Totally worth it. 

Goodnight, moon.

Our stay at The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa was the perfect start to our getaway with the kids. We can't wait to go back! I'll be sharing more about our 9 day trip in my next post, so stay tuned!

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