San Diego Family Trip--Legoland and SeaWorld!

This post is sponsored by Legoland and SeaWorld. I'm grateful for their partnership. All the opinions in this post are my own. 

Every summer my family visits sunny San Diego! It's an annual tradition for two reasons, my husband loves to show his boys around his hometown where he grew up as well as visit family and friends, and there are tons of amazing things to do and see for families in San Diego! This summer, we cut it close, returning home to Los Angeles the day before school started! 

Family Trip To San Diego, Legoland and SeaWorld.jpg

First stop, Legoland


The boys couldn't wait to return to Legoland this year and ride the roller coasters. Last year, I was hugely pregnant with baby Quade so it was nice to go on more rides this time and introduce Quade to all the fun. I admit, I was just as excited as the kiddos to get into the park!


Our first ride was the Ninjago interactive ride--Quade's first ride ever at an amusement park! He was totally absorbed and loved the lights and moving car. We love that Legoland has plenty of rides for all ages. 


So, this happened. Quinn (7) is the master at THE CLAW games everywhere we go. He put two dollars in a game machine and plucked this enormous stuffed doll from the pile, successfully. He was over the moon excited!! 


It wouldn't be Legoland if there weren't giant Lego figures all over the park. The boys had a great time examining the intricate work that goes into these displays.


Me and my men! Quinn (7), Quade (10 months), Me (not getting any younger), Oakley (6), and Oliver (10). Every year, I buy a new hat in San Diego. It's my own little tradition! This one from Roxy was perfect for me. The shops at Legoland have so many cute things to buy, but I used self-control and just settled for the hat!


It turns out that Quade loves spicy curry chicken and rice! The child was eating it like it was his last meal. LOVED it. And so did we. The food choices at Legoland are fantastic. I didn't take pictures of the churros and chocolate that we ate because we were too busy devouring them. Guy and I agreed that it may be our VERY favorite dessert on the planet. It's that good. (P.S. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in a month due to travel etc., and I only gained 1lb! On our trip, we ate out for nearly every meal, which could have meant a big jump on the scale. I call that success!) 


Poor Quade. He was having a terrible time. Ha! 


This coaster had me screaming! The boys rode it over and over and over again!


So, I was walking along, minding my own business, when someone called my name. I looked up to find Quinn asking me to take his picture on the camel. And no, it was not meant to be used as a photo op. I went with it anyway. This is such a perfect example of boy mom life!

All in all,we had a truly fantastic time at Legoland!

Next stop, SeaWorld


The very next day, though my feet were protesting a bit, we headed to SeaWorld for our very first time! WOW! We were in for a treat!


Being a hardcore beachgoer, I like to see my sharks behind glass. This shark encounter exhibit was mesmerizing!


The people mover allowed us to ride right through as sharks and fish swam over our heads. The pictures don't do it justice. Truly spectacular! 


The Manta roller coaster was thrilling! I only rode once cause I'm a chicken. But the boys went several times while Quade and I chillaxed in the gift shop. 


These happy faces say it all, don't they? 


One of the truly incredible experiences at Sea World is the opportunity to touch many sea creatures, including rays, sharks, and fish. Quinn loved these enormous rays! 


Sea World has a great mix of rides and animals to wow guests. This Shipwreck Rapids ride was perfect on a hot day. The boys got soaked and loved every minute of it! Quade and I hit the gift shop again. Naturally. 


Oh ya know, just hanging with Orca Whales!! 


Don't let the boys fool you. They aren't too big for the little kid rides. They ran from ride to ride like giddy lambs. So fun! 


We brought swim suits to change into so the boys could enjoy the splash pads! Quade was a little unsure, but I think the cool water felt good to him. 


This beauty kept circling around so Quade could observe him up close and personal. Amazing. Truly amazing. 

At the end of the day, we visited the Beluga Whales. They blew our minds! It was chilly inside which is just what we needed on a warm summer day. There were even ice caves with tunnels for the boys to explore!


I was struck over and over again by the amazing creativity of God as we went through the park and saw all the sea life! 


This big guy gives all new meaning to the term "photo bomb." 


One final ride on the big swings! Those are some pretty happy campers right there! SeaWorld was a big hit with the Lia family. We will be coming back here, too! 

A huge thank you to Legoland and Sea World for their generosity to us on this trip. If your family is looking for a family-friendly getaway, I can't speak highly enough about San Diego! The weather is simply gorgeous and the opportunities to play are endless. Stay tuned for another post about the rest of our trip, including favorite eateries and other great experiences! 

YOUR TURN! Have you been to Legoland or SeaWorld? What is your favorite family vacation destination?