The Best Thing We Have Ever Done As Parents

I remember pushing off the edge of my seat and smoothing my dress before looking out over the small gathering of friends that had known me since I was born. There in the middle of the room, I stood to recite my memory verse. Some of my earliest memories are there in our church, listening to all the kids say their Bible verses before being dismissed to Sunday School classes. From the time I could speak, until I graduated from high school, I memorized and recited my verses.

At the time, I didn’t love the discipline of it, but as a young adult, I began to see how intrinsic it was for me to make choices in life based on a godly perspective because I knew the Bible like the back of my hand. Decades later, I struggled to offer this same wealth of knowledge and understanding with my own kids.

I wanted them to have the same confidence in their Christian walk that I had, but I wasn’t being consistent to teach them the Bible.

Can you relate? Like me, do you have good intentions, but then one week leads to the next, and you haven’t really been intentional to teach your kids from the Bible?

The thing is, I love my times of Bible study! I wanted my boys to have that same hunger—to see how relevant the Word of God is for their everyday lives to guide and quip them. I thought long and hard, and prayed even harder, about how to go about connecting with my kids while also planting God’s Word in their hearts. After several months, and many readers asking me for recommendations on a Bible Study resource, I buckled down to write one.

The first night I shared The Study Buddy Bible Study Guide with my kids, ages 5-10 (and baby Quade too), I wasn’t sure what to expect. You guys, it blew my doors off to see how engaged, happy, and interested my kids were to study together! They LOVED the discussion question at the end that allowed them to really engage with us as parents. We finished an entire month of Bible Study together and when it was over, they literally begged for more!

This super short video is a total crackup! Just look at their reactions when I told them about book #2 in the series....

My kids were pleading to study the Bible! I was amazed!

Finally, I revealed to them that I had written the material. Their eyes bugged out and they jumped up and down, telling me to write another. So I did! I’m currently working on the third book in the series which will incorporate many more volumes in over the course of this year, Lord Willing. But first….

The first topic in the series is available for parents like you—just in time for summer!

The Study Buddy Bible Study series is for every parent who wants their child to develop the life-long habit of studying Scripture. Full of simple yet practical applications, this study on the book of Proverbs focuses on 20 key verses about wisdom that teach kids how to use good judgment on a daily basis. Designed to take just 10 minutes a day, this collaborative study is a wonderful way to reach your child's heart without being overwhelming. Each day includes:

 - A verse from God's Word to study

- Space to write and commit Scripture to heart

 - A big idea to remember

 - Several interactive questions for reflection

 - Parent/child questions to spark lively conversation.

This study guide doesn't follow a "teacher-student" format — instead, you'll learn side by side, as Study Buddies!

I make no exaggeration when I say this is the best thing I have ever done for my kids—to take time each weekday to go over the Study Buddy with them. The Holy Spirit has led us to some of the most beautiful and profound discussions that I will NEVER forget.

Join us? Grab your copy by clicking here! Let’s become a generation of parents who are influencing and equipping our kids to live life to the full!

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SHARE: The Study Buddy Bible Study Guide, Psalms: Poetry With Purpose, Volume 1 will be out in the next few weeks. I’m beginning to work on the book of James, Volume 1 as we speak so I’ll humbly ask you, will you pray for me? It involves much study on my part, and I want God to use this in magnificent ways! Please let me know you are praying! Thank you!