The Winds Of Change, A Weight Watchers Results Update, Week #15 !

The winds of change are blowing over in my neck of the woods. It’s been a little more than a month since I did an update on my progress with Weight Watchers. I’ll share my results in a little bit, but first, I must tell you about some incredible “aha moments” I have had over the last month and the changes in my life that make losing weight sweeter than cherry pie.

I’ve said before that I am an emotional eater. I got myself into this fine mess of weight gain for a number of reasons, like having a new baby, but also because I allow the temporary pleasure of food to make me happy. It doesn’t last. It only serves to leave the residuals of guilt on my conscience and extra pounds on my hips. Not a good trade. I’m proud of my journey with Weight Watchers because even though I have gone through some of the worst months of my life in 2017 (more on that someday when I can bring myself to share), I have not turned to food as a temporary fix. This is a very big deal for me! I am relearning that food is fuel, not my best friend.

Another change I have made recently is to be more proactive to take care of other aspects of myself. I’m thinking more clearly and getting rid of damaging self-talk and actions. For example, I spent half a day filling several large boxes with clothes that I hang on to “just in case” I don’t lose weight. What nonsense, Amber! I decided that was defeatist mentality, so along with all remaining maternity clothes, I ditched anything that I considered “fat clothes” and anything that I wasn’t truly excited about wearing and sent it off to the donation center.

I also got my nails done. And highlights in my hair. I’m beginning to get the old Amber back. The one who is feminine and loves all the girly things I so often say no to in order to give more to my kids. I was being left behind and it showed on my, well, behind. Ahem.

Losing weight isn’t ever just about the scale. For me, it’s heart work. Healing work. Spiritual work. So how does this translate on the scale?

Here are my current results since my last check in here on the blog:

Cue the confetti! 15 lbs. in 15 weeks. I’m thrilled. I can do this. I can really do this! The winds of change are a gentle breeze that I hope keeps fanning the flame of commitment in my heart.

YOUR TURN! Those of you who are journeying with me, reaching new goals, how’s it going? What recent commitments have you made? What are your setbacks or victories? I’d love to hear from you!