Victory Beyond The Scale, Weight Watchers Weigh-In, Week #4!

Last week, I shared that I had a tough week and boy was I pleasantly surprised when I lost more than a pound! Well, this week wasn’t necessarily a cake walk (no pun intended). Like any new endeavor, this process takes time and the realization of how long this will take is a bit daunting. I'm trying to stay in the moment so I don't get overwhelmed! My husband, Guy, and I have completed our first month as of today and I, for one, am celebrating some important victories beyond the scale—though I’ll share my progress this week at the end, as usual!

One of the key phrases that Weight Watchers uses to motivate us is to measure success “Beyond the Scale.” I love this thought because while losing the unhealthy excess pounds is wonderful, there are so many other successes to acknowledge along the way. Here are a few of mine so far:

1) I’m Getting Outdoors!

As a writer who works from home most of the time, I don’t get out much. My favorite way to exercise is to take hikes or go jogging—I haven’t done much of that since my third trimester, and now baby Quade is 4 months old! This week, I went on two light walks outdoors and it felt amazing! I’m the kind of person who needs to be in nature even though I’m a city girl, so those outings relieved a great deal of stress and lifted my spirits. Victory, indeed.

2) My Clothes Already Feel Better!

It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do. Even though I have only been in the program for a month, my loss is significant enough that I’m more comfortable in my jeans! I’m looking forward to the day I can put anything on and feel good in it, just like the good ole’ days when I was fit!

3) I Have Control Again!

This is no small thing. I could almost cry just thinking about it. You see, one of the reasons I joined Weight Watchers is because a lot of my life for the last five plus years has been challenging and much of that is a result of things that are totally out of my control. Now I know that God is ultimately the One who is leading my life, but I have felt like a lot of things have “happened” to me that I would not have chosen. My overeating and weight gain is a symptom of this insecurity and instability I feel in my life. Taking control of my eating and my health has given me great peace. This is something I can, and should, control. Beyond the scale, this is a big victory for me!

Okay, so here’s the nitty gritty. Did I gain? Did I lose? This week surprised me a little…..

Sure enough, the scale didn’t budge one bit. Maybe I gained a little muscle? I’m going to think optimistically! Meanwhile, I’m making a plan to mix it up a little more this week so I can continue to move past the 6 pounds I have already lost this month. My goal is to get outside even more to exercise. I also need to lay off the Moose Tracks Mint Chip Ice Cream. Yep, I get to indulge in that on this program but I’m going to eat a little more clean this week.  Thanks again for keeping up with my journey thus far—you all motivate me, and that’s one more thing to be thankful for, beyond the scale.

YOUR TURN: What has been a victory for you this week in your own life? I’d love to hear about it!