Weight Watchers, Week #6! No Going Back!

I could have been “fat and happy,” as they say. But I couldn’t be fat and healthy. When I decided to join Weight Watchers, six weeks ago now, I wasn’t miserable, but I was a little scared. I know full well that these extra pounds are dangerous to my well-being. Part of being a good steward of my family is doing what I can to be healthy! It’s that healthy fear of losing my ability to take the best care of my children that motivates me the most. And then there’s the motivator of the mirror. Honestly, I want to feel good and look good! I certainly don’t obsess on the external because I know that it’s the inside that makes us most beautiful, but still, I want to feel less self-conscious.

What motivates you?

I think it’s a question worth asking. Every choice we make, diet or otherwise, serves us in some way.  The great taste of chocolate gives pleasure, but gives way to guilt. The endorphins of exercise give a mood boost that lasts far beyond the moment. I’m not the type of person to take the easy path, but when it comes to food that’s exactly what I have done for too long. I’m shifting from the quick fix to the long-term solution. I can still have chocolate, but for the most part, I’m shifting my perspective to consider the cost beyond the moment. It’s making a difference!

This week, I had one big splurge when we went out to eat for pizza, but I noticed that even then, I didn’t go overboard. I simply counted the points and stayed within my range for healthy eating. It still made me a little nervous. Would I gain weight this week?

Let’s find out…….

I’m thrilled! At this rate, I should reach my first 10 lbs. lost in the next week or two. I feel like I have turned the corner where there’s just no going back anymore. This achievement feels too good. There’s that long-term perspective again! I’m also noticing that success in this area of my life motivates me to keep working toward other goals I have been dreaming about, like new books I want to explore writing, and taking some art classes.

As always, I want to hear from you!

YOUR TURN: What resonates with you from this post? Are you on the fence about taking steps toward a goal you want to achieve? What’s holding you back and what could motivate you to finally take a leap in the right direction?