Thanks for visiting my website! I’m an extrovert, so I really wish we were sitting down over a caramel macchiato right now, but this page will have to do! Let’s get to know each other!

Like many, I love to burn candles, photograph my family, and unwind with a pedicure. Chocolate cake makes me weak in the knees.  I love anything with a chevron or mosaic pattern.   Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is my favorite read of all time — I used to teach it when I was a high school English teacher.  I earned my BA in English Literature from The Master’s College and my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. I view myself as God does — I’m His pearl. 

Girly-girl to the core, I find a lot of humor in the fact that I have a “TESTOSTER-HOME” of four active males! My husband Guy  and I are a team, co-producers in both our work (we own Storehouse Media Group, a production company) and in our family life!   We have been married eleven years, and we have four great gifts in our four great sons and we expect great things as we raise them to be knights.


1. I would wear high heels every day if I could!  

2. I have been a Christ Follower since I was three years old when I asked Jesus to wash away my sins and entered into a personal relationship with Him.

3. When I was in 10th grade, I had an incredible English teacher who inspired me to pursue the field of education. When I began teaching high school, I felt so blessed to fill her shoes — she even left me the copy of Lord of the Flies she had used to teach me! I taught for nine years before having my first son, which lead me to step out of the teaching field and stay home with him.

4. As the child of a stay-at-home-mom, my goal from an early age was to stay home with my own children.

5.  I met my husband in a hot tub on a ski trip  for singles through our church—I know, totally random situation! We were friends for a year before we began to date. 

6. Reading books is my favorite pastime. And writing them is pretty awesome, too!

7. I LOVE the beach! In fact, one of the many reasons became a teacher was so that I would have the chance to head there in the summers as much as possible! 

8. I have always been a cat lover. In 2014, we rescued our black lab, Rosey, and though I almost can’t believe it, I am now a dog lover as well!

9. I have traveled all over the world on missions trips since I was in junior high school. It’s a passion of mine. In fact, my husband proposed to me when we were on a missions trip in Argentina! 

10. If I could cook and bake all day, I might just do it! Thankfully, I have four sons who will grow up to eat it all! About two years ago, we switched about 80% of our diet to clean eating — so, I'm baking a lot less than I used to!

11. A few years ago now, I published the Amazon #1 Best Seller,  Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions For Gentle Biblical Responses to help moms who struggle with frustration, anger, and yelling. Since then, I have written 7 more books! It’s amazing to see God changing homes across generations and I love hearing testimonies from readers.  

12. My family loves to have people over for meals and have our home be the gathering place for friends to get together.

13. My favorite colors are green, pink, and turquoise. 

14. I love both coffee and tea equally, but I have recently switched to decaf!

15. I ran cross country in college and enjoy walks and hiking—anything outside that counts as fitness!

16. My goal was to deliver all four of my sons naturally, but I ended up having two emergency C-Sections and two that were planned.

17. My husband is a big rugby fan and would like the boys to play someday. Me, not so much. 

18. I write during the early morning, nap times, or at night!

19. I think the best complement to learning is to travel and see the world. I have yet to see Italy and I’m married to an Italian. That just isn’t right! 

20. I'm a contributing writer for The Better Mom — a wonderful bunch of women who seek to encourage and equip moms to be their best!

21. Running my blog, Mother Of Knights has been a dream come true for me. The blog has been running strong since February 2013! I deeply love to share my heart for God and I treasure you as my readers. Thank you for your loyalty and wonderful comments. You are a blessing!

22. We recently found out we were expecting twins but God, in His Divine plan, has taken them home to be with Jesus in Heaven. You can read about our journey through this time of loss here.

23. I co-lead a private Facebook Group called Gentle Parenting With Amber and Wendy for mothers who desire a more gentle and biblical approach to parenting. We have more than 15,000 moms in there who connect for encouragement, advice, and prayer! If you feel alone in this area of anger, you are NOT! Join us!