A Funeral Changed My Son's Life, A MOB Society Post!

A Funeral Changed My Son's Life, A MOB Society Post!

I didn’t consider not taking my boys that day.

They were just 5, 3, and 1-year-old at the time. I had been to countless services since I was a child. But this time, my great-uncle had passed away and I wanted my little boys to come to the memorial service.

Little did I know that this first memorial service would change my son’s life forever.

We prayed about how to talk to the boys and gently explained to them that Uncle Lawrence’s heart had stopped working and that he was now home in Heaven with Jesus. On the day of the memorial, we dressed in Sunday best and drove the short distance to the funeral home. Uncle Lawrence’s casket was at the front of the room surrounded by floral arrangements and pictures of him in his youth.

We had an opportunity to see his earthly body one last time.I took my 3-year-old Quinn in my arms and lifted him up so he could see over the edge.

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