12 Bible Passages For Labor and Delivery!

The moment I discovered my husband and I were pregnant with the first of our four sons I walked across the street and bought a baby bathtub. I know—weird choice. In my defense, it was a drug store and the options were few. But, it didn’t dampen my deep joy or enthusiasm over the fact that a miraculous event was occurring for us! And then the morning sickness began. Each of my pregnancies and deliveries has been unique and different. But the one constant I’ve relied on is God’s unchanging Word and His faithful promises.

This list of 12 key passages has been hand-picked for you to meditate on as you prepare to welcome your little one — print them out and tuck it into the bag you’ve got ready for the day when your baby arrives. Nothing will help you more than clinging to the truth of God’s Word.

You can also print off a coordinating prayer for labor and delivery to encourage and inspire you as you enter into one of the most beautiful seasons of your life! 

Now, it’s YOUR TURN! What verses helped you get through the months of pregnancy, labor, and delivery? How did today's post benefit you personally? I love to hear from YOU!